kenna doeringer



The fragility of a complex world, and the chaos that can be created when its order is interrupted.  The precision of the lines and the adaptation of shapes is how, a forest interacts with is surroundings and grows in harmony with the world around it.  This is how the human population must learn to acquiesce and mold ourselves to create a better place, to achieve an understanding, thru knowledge and acceptance, so we can fit onto this small rock we call Earth.

Organic blending and melding of shapes, color that catches the eye, inspired by real life objects, situations and events, is the basis of my work.  The concepts come from simple ideas and each piece inspires and creates an architecture for the next.  The idea of one shape alone does not complete the work, but their coexistence creates something intriguing to look at.

They start out as fundamental drawings on a page, inspired by a small segment in the world around me and develop from there.  It is the belief of an idea, that stirs people emotionally, make them think about the image, and remember it.  Some pieces take on an environmental, political or emotional persuasion without spelling it out for the audience.  Ultimately, I leave much up to the viewer and trust them to draw their own conclusions.